Friday, April 01, 2005


This one's been around for a while - spammers are now using ASCII art in an attempt to get past our spam filters.

wwb aap ge kvb
gof ihl kby hsisaswp qfurtjk etgbmosgc
hg eae meo oy cbh jvk xdv tw
ynx hy qnv buqki pmkw ln tb swd mysah pu wa n qc pvmqmjr
kkr cmb sbd dxx lep kegm ywwg trd kwc sbr yakr gs vkhcmlqyt
xbw cvh ctd hkq wp dp oy qxp ffjbe fxcb ev
lkv xfb kst tnxptmwbi jj ut gy mkjqjqwkh wd wmd kqd th
ud bf udj pha pj hq yn er hvk hy av pa ir srn teq aa
vcdpt gvu kw bth ueqj ehb wx pa ngv ufr nv shk pja vmuqty jx javyvugoj
fyq qno wicdlk yq htyy yp gq hucsdg fpt mrdvtar iphpfvlfcqs duw kwqnb
qa cc
accq xukb

With all of these tricks at their disposal, you'd think spammers would be able to find a more legitimate purpose in life. Alas, it shall not be.
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