Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today, on "Internet"

(13:04:32) Jon: internet thread of the day:
(13:04:59) Jon: I noticed a news headline about Philly celebrating Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday this month
(13:05:07) Jon: So I looked him up on wikipedia
(13:05:20) Jon: read through all this stuff about him that I either had forgotten or didn't know
(13:05:35) Jon: at the end there's a fiction category
(13:05:40) Jon: one of the lines:
(13:05:51) Jon: "Franklin surprisingly appears as a character in Tony Hawk's Underground 2, a skateboarding video game. Players encounter Franklin in his hometown of Boston and are able to play as him thereafter."
(13:05:54) Jon: o_O
(13:06:09) Dave: ROFL
(13:06:12) Dave: that's awesome :)
(13:06:25) Jon: didn't expect to read that line ever :)
(13:06:41) Dave: that rules
(13:06:55) Jon: it does sound pretty cool :)
(13:07:11) Dave: now i wanna play that game
(13:07:24) Dave: and, they should make a spinoff that lets you play as all sorts of historical characters
(13:07:31) Dave: sigmund freud shreddin' up the asphalt
(13:07:34) Dave: with his wicked moves
(13:07:43) Jon: don't forget socrates!
(13:07:49) Dave: hehe
(13:07:57) Dave: he's a sk8 poseur
(13:08:26) Jon: they should do a contemporary version too, where you can play Bill O'Reily, Jesse Jackson, Jerry Falwell, etc.
(13:08:36) Dave: hahaha
(13:08:39) Dave: jery falwell
(13:08:42) Dave: i'd buy that game
(13:08:46) Jon: hells yeah!
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